Activities, Events, and More

UH CEO offers many fun and exciting events and activities which engage our members. Thanks to our many important partners, our members have access to virtually all startup-related and entrepreneurial events and networking opportunities across Houston.

Former officer Erfan Bhuiyan, pictured with Vanessa Martinez at a general meeting

Former officer Erfan Bhuiyan, pictured with Vanessa Martinez at a general meeting

Tuesday MEEtings

Before every meeting we allow everyone to chat and network. Each meeting opens with announcements. We then move on to a segment we call shameless plug. Any member can give a one minute shoutout for their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Next, we start a activity themed around the day's topic. After that, we invite successful entrepreneurial-minded guest speakers who come in to talk about that same topic. Then we open the floor to Q&A. It is always interesting to hear our speakers talk about all the incredible things that they have learned first hand - nothing compares to that sort of experience! We are so grateful for the opportunity to have them share their stories with us!

We then end our meetings with a our book recommendations on the subject that was discussed during the meeting, and we also give a little background on what the next meeting will consist of. Afterwards, members are free to stay in the room to chat and network.


Startup Grind Houston

We always push our members to attend Startup Grind Houston's monthly events as they are a great place to learn and meet interesting new people who can help you along your way as an entrepreneur. These events never fail to provide fantastic new insights into entrepreneurship from real, successful entrepreneurs.

Events are always held on the first Wednesday of every month. This means we will remind you to go during our regularly scheduled Tuesday meetings!



UH CEO will begin offering a new series of opportunities for our members to learn more about entrepreneurship hands on by letting members get involved with fundraising!

We want to provide a different way of going about fundraising, and we want to get more creative and entrepreneurial with our fundraising operations. 

Members will have the opportunity work alongside the Chief Operating Officer to help fundraise for CEO. So let that be motivation to always show up to meetings and events!


We are going to offer a system in which members can work towards getting their membership paid for or a free T-shirt based on the fundraising that they partake in. It is a great way to get our members involved while also growing funds to do bigger and better things!

Other CEO ReLated Events & socials

At CEO we have a bunch of great socials that allows members to connect and relax. We love the professional side of being an entrepreneur, but every once in a while you need to take a break.

Sponsored events include bowling, socials at rooftop, movie nights, and going out and playing some sports. These activities are a great way to get to know your fellow CEO members a bit better and blow off some steam.

Additionally, we are always seeking out interesting entrepreneurial-related events across Houston that would provide meaningful experiences for our members. You can always expect something new and interesting every week.

One of our socials during the Spring 2018 semester!

One of our socials during the Spring 2018 semester!