Our Mission

UH Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization exists to support, nurture and aid student's in launching successful business ventures by providing members with access to pivotal connections, networking opportunities and valuable mentorship from our sponsors.

Our passion

We are more than just a student organization, we are a group of passionate entrepreneurs, both aspiring and acting. The purpose of CEO is to establish a foundation for students to grow as entrepreneurs and people in order to pursue their passions and capture their dreams. We offer many activities and events both inside and outside of the organization.

During our weekly meetings we have fantastic speakers come in for fireside chats. We also make sure every meeting is fun and engaging by providing many unique and innovative activities that spur creativity and allow our members to have a good time whilst thinking with a business mindset. CEO is a place for both fun and business with many fantastic opportunities to expand your horizons.

What We've Achieved

  • Partnership with a startup accelerator
  • Shaping students perceptions of entrepreneurship
  • Spreading entrepreneurship across UH
  • Coordinating events and seminars
  • Bringing in great guest speakers
  • Creating a place for UH students to pursue their passions